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Mrs. Anderson

Welcome to Mrs. Anderson's 3rd Grade Page 

North Mac Intermediate School

3rd Grade

Mrs. Carla Anderson 

Contact Information

Phone: 217-627-2419

Email: canderson@northmacschools.org


Updated Friday March 27

It's FRIDAY!  As always, I hope that you are safe and healthy! I miss seeing you and would like to hear from you!  Please, if you have access and permission, send me a quick email to let me know what you have been doing during this break.  

I would like to give you an "assignment".  I have been thinking a lot about what we can do to make this unexpected time off a real learning experience.  Aside from doing daily lessons online and reading, I want us to create something that will help everyone understand what this experience has really been like. So, your assignment is to think about the things you have done or experienced during this time that you might not have done otherwise.  How would you answer the  following questions? Jot down your answers. (These just notes, so you don't have to use perfect grammar.) 

*What things have changed for you?

*How are you learning?

*What do you do for fun?

*How are you feeling?

                  *What are you missing most about the way                        things were before? 

I am hopeful that when we get back together, we can use all of this information to create something spectacular

I understand that it is difficult to get motivated to study and do "school stuff" when you are at home, but it will help keep your skills sharp and/or improve in areas that may need it.  

I appreciate all that you are doing at home! Hang in there and know that I am thinking about and missing all of you!

You are awesome Kiddos!


Mrs. Anderson

(Keep scrolling for the links to the websites!)





Updated Tuesday March 24!

Hello Third Graders! I hope this finds you all safe and healthy! It is week 2 of "Learning at Home" and I have seen that some of you have been working on iReady lessons and Reflex Math.  Keep up the good work!  If you have been on any of the other sites I posted please let me know what you think about them.  Even if you do not like them, I would appreciate your feedback so that I can leave them up or replace them with others.  Also, if you have any other sites that you enjoy learning from, let me know about those too!   

If you get tired of the online stuff, remember that you can always read a book, practice cursive writing, do flash cards, get some exercise, help out around the house, play a board game with a family member, etc.  There are so many things that you can do that you may not even realize you are learning!

I have been baking with my kids, reading, cleaning the house, checking emails, and walking my dog.  I would love to know what you have been doing.  I have emailed with a few students and would like to hear from more of you.  So, if you have permission, and access to email, please drop me a quick note about how your time off is going.  I miss talking to you and I will look forward to hearing from you!

Stay safe!


Mrs. Anderson

(I have moved the list of free sites up so it is easier for you to access.)

The following are some free online resources that might interest you as well.  Click on the link to go to the site.


scholastic news  (use password nmac3A)

Art Hub  


Fuel the Brain

Free Rice

Smarty Games

Switcheroo Zoo



Use code: SCHOOL2547


Mystery Science Mini Lessons This link will take you to the site for some interesting mini lessons.

NASA.gov and NASA Kids' Club: Kiddos can learn about NASA and its missions.

Pbskids.org: This site has daily activities and tips to help kids play and learn at home. 

khanacademy: Students can practice at their own pace and accelerate their learning (K-12).

A Principal's List of Things to Do During the School Closure


Updated Friday March 20! 

Ok, Kiddos, I don't know about you, but I am getting kind of bored and I miss seeing you!  If you see this and have access to email and permission, PLEASE send me a message to let me know that you are ok and what you have been up to at home.  I promise I will respond as soon as I read it!  If we can't be together in person, I would love to "chat" by email. Thank you in advance and I cannot wait to hear from you!  My email address is 


Miss you all!

Mrs. Anderson

Hello Third Grade Families!

I hope this finds you all well! I am already missing being in the classroom and I hope my kiddos are taking advantage of this time off to catch up on rest, read a good book, or help around the house.   

We are in the midst of unchartered waters, and as such, all that is necessary at this point, is that we do the best that we can!  Third grade teachers worked over the weekend to prepare "at home learning" lessons that were to be sent home on Monday, March 16.  Since we were unable to attend on that day, we had to rethink our "plan".

  Below is some information about the online resources we use regularly in class.  If your child needs to be reminded of his/her username and/or password, please email me and I will send it as soon as possible.  

Both of these programs can be accessed from the North Mac Intermediate Website. Students should be familiar with where to find the links.

iReady is an individualized program providing both reading and math lessons based on your child's benchmark testing. We encourage students to complete at least one lesson in both areas every day, if possible. 


Reflex Math is a program for students to practice basic math facts.  We suggest that students do this at least once a day until they earn a "green light." (This shows mastery of a lesson, and the students are familiar with this.)


If you do not have internet access, I understand! There are many things that can be done without the internet.

Read! Read! Read!


Keep a journal of the time off

Cursive writing practice

Write a story

Act out a story

Board games

Read some more!!!

I realize "learning at home" in whatever form, is going to mean something different for each of us and that is OK!  All I ask is that you do your best to help your child navigate this experience.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me.  I will be checking it regularly. 

Have a safe and healthy time off!  I look forward to seeing you soon! 

Mrs. Anderson


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.  You can reach me by email at canderson@northmacschools.org or by phone at 627-2419.  Please leave a message and I will get back to you  as soon as possible.   




Handwriting: Students will be working on D’Nelian cursive writing.  We will  integrate cursive into our assignments later in the year.  Students are encouraged to practice daily.


 *The Homework Club is used to encourage students to return homework.  Students will start each week on the club board.  Each day that all homework is finished and returned, they stay on the board.  If homework is not returned at any point during the week, they are taken off the board.  On Friday afternoon, those that remain on the Homework Club board will get a small reward.  I am hoping that everyone will want to be in the Homework Club!



Students should have enough time to complete most assignments in class. Schedules, this year, have been set up to allow more time to complete assignments while at school.  If your child is bringing home a lot of work every day, they may not be using class time wisely. If you have a concern, please contact me!




                Effective Monday October 28, 2019


   3A Daily Schedule   *(M,Tu,Th,Fr) 

                                       8:05-9:05 Math                                12:00-1:30 Reading (whole group)

                                       9:05-9:35 PE                                       1:35-2:00 Reading (small groups)

                                       9:40- 10:05 **Specials                        2:00-2:30 Writing

                                      10:05-10:35 Math (small groups)      2:30-2:45 W.I.N.

                         10:35-11:10  Social Studies/Science   3:00 Dismissal                                          

                                      11:15-12:00 Recess/Lunch                    


                                                                **Specials: Monday/Thursday: Music

                                                                               Tuesday/Friday: Computers

                                                                                Wednesday: Art

                   *Schedule will be slightly different on Wednesdays due to 1:30 dismissals.


To view the Common Core Learning Standards please click below.



Classroom Expectations

Be Respectful

Treat others as you would like to be treated

Allow others to learn by not disturbing them

Use kind words, manners, and a friendly tone

Voice Level 1 for classroom activities & discussions

Voice Level 0 for listening & independent work


  Be Responsible

  Give your best effort

      Be prepared to learn (Bring all materials, return homework, positive attitude & behavior)

Listen and follow directions the first time given

Stay on task & finish the task 




Be Safe

Keep hands, feet, & objects to yourself

Walk in the classroom & hallway

Keep chairs on the floor




Discipline Plan

   Each student begins the day on the green “Ready to Learn” card.  Students following the rules will keep his/her magnet on the green card or move up to the blue or purple cards.   These are the two positive behavior cards above “Ready to Learn”.  If a student ends up on a positive behavior card, they will receive an incentive. A student who does not follow the rules may be asked to move his/her magnet to the yellow “Think about it” card. This is only a warning. It gives the student a chance to reflect and change his/her behavior.  If improvement is made the student will be able to move his/her magnet in a positive direction!

On the other hand, if the student’s behavior does not improve, he/she will be asked to move his/her magnet to the orange “Make Better Choices” card. Any time a student goes to the orange card there will be a consequence, normally a missed recess. Students on the orange card may "move up"  if behavior changes.

Continued negative behavior could result in a student moving his/her magnet to the red or "Parent Contact" card.  Red card consequences include loss of a recess and a note, phone call, or email to the parent.

Students who show positive behavior will be rewarded and encouraged for their behavior.  Each third grade teacher will offer special rewards to their students for positive behavior.  There will also be monthly rewards, quarterly rewards, school-wide rewards, and unannounced rewards for students who are showing positive behavior.  We want all students to choose to be safe, respectful, and responsible.