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Our week in Review:

Reading: We will be in Unit 6 about extreme environments on Monday.

Focus question: How do living things survive in extreme environments?

We will be working on how to monitor comprehension, compare and contrast texts, and analyzing idioms.  This week will span 2 weeks because of testing. 



Pretest: March 18 and

Postest March 29

  • Due to IAR testing, this group of words will span 2 weeks

Regular test

unhurt, unwrap, reheat, unlucky, reuse, untie, unfair, rewrite, recheck, unclear, replay, pennies, stories, school, people


Advanced test

clams, mints, props, arches, dresses, parents, caves, glasses, hobbies, engines, couches, arrows, enemies, babies, ranches

*If they pass the pretest with an A, they do not have to take it Friday.  This test will be cursive and print.



Basic Facts Practice Multiplication:

    In class, we will continue to work on the basic facts but this is something that must be worked on at home too.  Our math competition is Friday, March 22nd!  We compete against Mrs. Weber's class. 



NEW AR Goal:
    Our new AR goal is for the kids to earn 10 AR points from now until end of the year. They MUST read a 1 point book during this time.  Many students have been just reading “little” books to reach their AR goals. Also, all points must come from them.  Some are waiting to take tests that I have read. Two students have already passed!


The reading tests that come home that say Week ___ Assessment have an altered grading scale.  We decided as a 3rd grade team to curve the scale a bit so kids would perform better.  With only 12 questions you could only miss 2 and you were at a B already.  I do write how many they miss but it doesn’t match up with the total points I put on the top of the page.  The kids just think I can’t subtract.


Overall, our behavior is a wonderful group of kids!  I enjoy coming to work every day. Some behaviors continue to be addressed at school.  Many of the students are talking during transitions, when they should be listening, or working.  Magnets have started to move downward for some.


We are working on becoming more independent with our assignments.  We have begun to talk about an assignment and then move on from it. In the past, I would give them ample time to finish it. Now, the students come back to it during “work” time.  The goal for this is to teach the kids to stop working when it is time, in order to prepare for fourth grade and the switching of classes.  Some students are having a hard time with this but they will get it in time.


Crayons and Markers:
This group of kiddos must eat their crayons and markers.  Please ask your student if they need more.  We have many who have no crayons or markers and my supply is down to yellows and greens for some reason.


Happy Birthday in April






Third Grade Discipline Plan
This year at North Mac Intermediate School, the third grade will be using the PBIS discipline plan.  PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention Support.  The emphasis of this plan is rewarding and encouraging positive behavior.

There are three basic rules we expect students to follow.
1. Be Safe.  Example: keep hands and feet to self, always walk, keep aisles clear.
2. Be Respectful.  Example: Raise hand and wait to be called on before speaking, use kind words and actions, and treat others the way you want to be treated.
3. Be Responsible.  Example: Be prepared for class (homework and supplies), keep area neat and organized, and always give your best effort.

In our classroom we have a section that displays various cards.  Each child will have a magnet with their number on it.  They will begin in the green “Ready to Learn” card.  Students who follow the rules will keep his/her magnet on the green card or move up to the blue, purple, or pink.  We have three “good” behavior cards beyond “Ready to Learn” the children can strive to reach.  A student who does not follow the rules will be asked to move his/her magnet to the yellow “Warning” card. This is only a warning.  It gives the student a chance to reflect and change his/her behavior.  If improvement is made the student will be asked to move his/her magnet in a positive direction!

On the other hand, if the student’s behavior does not improve but worsens, he/she will be asked to move his/her magnet to the orange “Consequence” card. Any time a student goes to the orange card there will be a consequence, normally a missed recess and/or note home.  Students on the “Consequence” card may return to the yellow card if behaviors change.

Continued misbehavior or more serious behavior could result in a student moving his/her magnet to the “Red” card.  Red card consequences include loss of a privilege, restitution/apology of the student, change of seating arrangement, time out from activity or privilege, teacher/student conference, parent/teacher conference, behavior contract, referral to dean of students, or school counselor.

Students who show positive behavior will be rewarded and encouraged for their behavior.  Each third grade teacher will offer special rewards to their students for positive behavior.  There will also be monthly rewards, quarterly rewards, school-wide rewards, and unannounced rewards for students who are showing positive behavior.  We want all our students to choose to be safe, be respectful, and be responsible.

Please go over this information with your child.  If you have any questions, please call!


Quarterly Celebrations:

1st Quarter - Movie

2nd Quarter - Movie, Cookie, milk, pj day

3rd Quarter - Dance Party

4th Quarter - Park/ice cream reward (May 13th)

We will be celebrating the good behavior of each quarter!  Students may not have any red cards.