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Mrs. Creasey's Classroom



Welcome to Mrs. Creasey's  Life Science Class


Contact Information 

School Phone: (217) 627-2136

Email: acreasey@northmacschools.org



Illinois Birds

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE BIRDS and this week I want to share that with you.  The picture at the top is of the bird poster in my bedroom (yes, yes, I know, I really am that cool) and I have highlighted the species that I have observed so far.  The other pictures are of some additional species that aren't on my poster or that I was just extra excited about.  This week, as you are stuck at home, look out your window, and identify your Illinois birds. You can even start a "Birding Journal" to write findings, draw pictures, and observe behaviors. 


Here are my lists so far:

Backyard Birds;

American Goldfinch, Black-capped Chickadee, Nuthatch, House Finch, Dark-eyed Junco, Downy Woodpecker, Tufted Titmouse (Russell's favorite), White-throated Sparrow, Eastern Bluebird (pictured above,just moved in this week), European Starling, Northern Cardinal, Red-bellied Woodpecker, American Robin, Blue Jay, Morning Dove, Common Grackle (Mr. Creasey's least favorite!)

Additional Birds I've observed because I live in the country on a lake;

Great Blue Heron, Bobwhite, Ring-necked Pheasant, Red-tailed Hawk, Turkey Vulture, Canada Goose, Mallard, Bald Eagle

Who I'm waiting for but haven't seen yet this year;

All of the Hummingbirds, Baltimore Oriole, Indigo Bunting, Pileated Woodpecker, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Purple Martin, OWLS!!!!


Here are some resources to help you identify your birds. Copy and paste the link into your browser:






Want to identify them by sound? This is AWESOME!








As of now, your HMH accounts are not available to complete the work I had originally posted but that doesn't mean you are off the hook. It was all review anyway. Luckily, today (03-18-20) is the last day of 4th quarter so all we missed was the test over The History of Earth/Fossil Record/Darwin.  When we return it will be 4th quarter and we will be switching to Botany! Here are some options to prepare yourself for our new topic:

1) Observe the vegetation at your house.  Is it changing? How? Why?

2) If you have the supplies, plant a seed!!

3) On YouTube, watch any of the Amoeba Sisters' clips about plants.

4) BBC's Life series; Episode 9, Plants  is AMAZING!!! It is available on VUDU, Prime Video, and Apple TV for $1.99.

*This situation is new and weird but we'll figure it out together.  Do your best and I'll see you soon!

Miss you!

-Mrs. Creasey




"Gross! She's dissected people before!"  
Yes, that's me! My name is Mrs. Creasey and I am the 7th grade Life Science teacher.  I graduated from Blackburn College with a degree in Elementary Education and a Middle School Science endorsement.  Within my Science endorsement, I concentrated in Life Science, mostly human anatomy and botany.  During class on my first week with students, someone (or all of them) in every class wanted to know everything I have ever dissected and when I get to, "A human cadaver!" it blows their minds!  After I graduated from Blackburn, I went on to receive my Special Education endorsement at Greenville College.  I have been teaching at Girard Elementary/ North Mac School District for 10 years as a certified teacher. I am a lifelong resident of Girard and married a Virden boy.  Together we are raising a Sophomore daughter and  6th grade son here at North Mac.  I have a deep love and commitment for our communities, our school district and especially our students. I am a huge believer in parent involvement, so please contact me ANYTIME.  


                                                                        Mrs. Creasey

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