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Dr. Williams' Business Classes


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Welcome to Room 1170 Online!  

Ilinois State Board of Education Career Guide


 Illinois Department of Public Health COVID-19 Press Conference UPDATES

"See how good your handwashing really is" video




Dr. Williams  




Keyboarders, Accountants, Business students, Marketers, Web Designers, follow the links below:


      Welcome to FreeCodeCamp.org 

      How to Make Coronavirus Face Masks,and How Effective They Are 

      Three Money Moves to Make During the Corona-virus Outbreak

      A Better Way to Type on Your Smartphone

      The Top Ten Jobs for Marketing Majors

      Ten Hot Legal Careers for Non-Lawyers

      List of Jobs that Require Keyboarding Skills

      Careers in Accounting

      Seven Skills Every Web Developer Needs on Their Resume

Email me:  jwilliams@northmacschools.org .





Period 1:    Law & Marketing

Period 2:    Planning  

Period 3:    Study Hall

Period 4:    Keyboarding & Formatting

Period 5A:  Web Design & Programming

Period 6:     Basic Business 

Period 7:     Keyboarding and Formatting

Period 8:     Web Design & Programming

I want my students to have high self-worth and high self-efficacy.



Dr. Jennifer Williams

20-21 Class Schedule:  Semester I_ _____________________Semester II                                      

*one-semester classes only

Period 1     Law & Marketing                                           Period 1     Law & Marketing   

Period 2     Planning                                                         Period 2     Planning

Period 3     Study Hall                                                       Period 3     Study Hall

Period 4     Keyboarding and Formatting*                     Period 4     Keyboarding and Formatting*

Period 5A  Web Design and Programming                     Period 5A   Web Design and Programming

Period 6     Basic Business                                                Period 6     Basic Business

Period 7      Keyboarding and Formatting *                    Period 7     Intro to Computer Science*

Period 8      Web Design and Programming                    Period 8     Web Design and Programming                  

Phone:217-965-4127 Email: jwilliams@northmacschools.org