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Erik Berkley

Please go to the Remote Learning page (menu on the left) to see the Assignments for the time we are out of school.

Remote Learning Plan

Erik Berkley

Social Science Department:  North Mac High School


This plan is an overview in the event that “remote learning” will be used when no teacher-student face-to-face interaction is possible for the courses of Social Studies and U.S. History.

The Process

All information will be given presented using the district approved Microsoft Office 353 platform of technology as well as the teacher web page.  For students without access to any of those features, the school district and teacher will make other arrangements to provide paper-based information to that student.

During each week of learning, there will be work from teacher and student utilized for Social Studies and U.S. History. To begin lessons for each day will be provided on the chapter/topic of learning on the student platform of Office 365. 

Information will include:

  1. Daily lessons
  2. Information to be learned by the student.
  3. Video Links to supplement the learning process.
  4. Questions/to assist learning.

It is the student’s responsibility to complete the information on the Office 365 platform.  I will check each e-mail response from the student.

Student/Teacher Collaboration

Students will have collaboration through the Office 365 platform as well as the email system utilized by the district.  This will include questions for the teacher.  Contact with the students will be documented on a weekly basis.


Upon completion of assigned work , the student will turn in to the teacher for review/feedback/or further encouragement.

Unit Guide

Social Studies-Units 6-9 Includes chapters 19-28 Will not cover all.

U.S. History-Units 6-8 Includes chapters 19-27 Will not cover all.

Phone: 965-4127 Email: Erik Berkley