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Rules and Expectations

By Barr, Chandler


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Welcome to Mr. Allen's Classroom Webpage!

Contact Information: School telephone: 217-965-4127 or email Mr. Allen

Classroom Management Information

Classroom Rules and Expectations

"Discipline is not AT you. It is FOR you." -Lou Holtz

Rules & Procedures:

  1. Be seated in class on time.
  2. Bring all necessary materials to class every day, especially your LAPTOP!!
  3. DO NOT talk while I am talking.
  4. Turn in assignments on time.
  5. Keep cell phones out of sight during instruction time. 
  6. Keep ear buds/headphones away in my classroom.   
  7. Be safe. Be respectful. Be responsible!
  8. Be open to learning new things and have FUN!


  • First offense-Verbal warning (I will say Stop!)
  • Second Offense-Detention
  • Third Offense-Referral to Assistant Principal/Principal (Contact parents)
  • Recurring Problem- Meeting with Dean/Principal/Parents/Myself
  • EXTREME CLAUSE - Extreme and intolerable behaviors such as fighting, cussing, or insubordination may result in automatic report to Assistant Principal/Principal.

Required Materials:

  1. Laptop (HMH Online Textbook)
  2. Notebook
  3. Pen/Pencil


Please make your best effort to be here daily, on time and participate. Students who are consistently tardy will have to face the handbook consequences. If you have an excused absence, you will be given that time to make up your homework or test. For example, if you are gone for two days, your homework will be due two days after you return. Missed work (i.e. assignments/tests) for students with unexcused absences will also be given the opportunity for 50% credit. Students needing to make up a Test or quiz, but who have an unexcused absence, will be given the opportunity for 50% credit.     

Office Hours:

If you have a question or concern, I am available briefly between class periods, before school, email, Teams App, during lunch (A), and my prep period (6th Hour). Please feel free to come to me if you need anything.


Cheating and plagiarism are NOT TOLERATED in my class. These actions will be taken very seriously. If you are caught cheating or plagiarizing, you will receive a zero for that work plus the above consequences.  DO NOT CHEAT IN MY CLASS!

Social Science Department Grade Categories:

  • Test (30%)
  • Quiz (25%)
  • Homework (20%)
  • Projects (15%)
  • Focus Articles (10%)

Grading Scale:

100-90% A
89-80% B
79-70% C
69-60% D
0-59% F

Mr. Allen's 2021-2022 Class Schedule:

First Hour (8:00-8:46)- American Government

Second Hour (8:49-9:35)- Sociology

Third Hour (9:38-10:24)- Psychology

Fourth Hour (10:27-11:13)- American Government

LUNCH (A) (11:13-11:43) DUTY FREE

Fifth Hour (11:46-12:32) - Sociology

Sixth Hour (12:35-1:21) PLAN PERIOD (No Class)

Seventh Hour (1:24-2:10) - Illinois History

Eighth Hour (2:13-3:00)- Women in History