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By Barr, Chandler


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Grade: 11, 12
Prerequisite: None Credit: 1 per year
This is an introductory course into the study of sociology. This class will offer broad coverage of the major principles and concepts in sociology with examples and illustrations drawn for both non-literate and advanced societies with special emphasis being placed on the American social system, rising from the interactions of the groups. Emphasis will be placed on the concept of socialization, social interaction, social organization, culture, social institutions, and applied sociological principles. Requirements will include, but not be limited to, chapter projects and advanced written reports.

This class is designed to help students understand human behavior from different cultures and human groups. The main goal of this course is for students to think about another person's point of view in understanding human behavior. Theories and expert opinions on the subject will be discussed in detail. Research projects will show students cause and effect relationships in the world of sociology. Students will expand their horizons by using the tools of sociologists.

Required Materials:

  1. Textbook (issued by Mr. Allen)
  2. Notebook
  3. Pen/Pencil

Office Hours:

If you have a question or concern, I am available briefly between class periods, during lunch (B), and my prep period (3rd Hour). You may also ask for an Advisory Pass from me as well. Please feel free to come to me if you need anything.


Cheating and plagiarism are NOT TOLERATED in my class. These actions will be taken very seriously. If you are caught cheating or plagiarizing, you will receive a zero for that work plus the above consequences. You will also be required to write a paper on the topic. DO NOT CHEAT IN MY CLASS!

Grading Scale:

100-90% A
89-80% B
79-70% C
69-60% D
0-59% F

Grade Categories

  • Tests/Quizzes
  • Choice Assignment Projects
  • Homework
  • Focus Articles


You will have a test after each chapter. Each test will be worth 50-100 points and will consist of mainly multiple choice and essay questions. Other questions will include short answer, fill in the blank, and matching. We will have a review day before each test.

Choice Projects

During the first couple weeks of school, you will be given a list of research projects pertaining to material we are learning about in class. You must pick one to complete each quarter. Each project will be worth fifty points. We will take some Fridays to work on these projects and work in the computer lab. There will be more information at a later date.

To cite sources using APA style, use the following link:



Homework will be assigned periodically throughout the week. At least two homework assignments will be given each week.