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8th Grade Math Links


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Dividing Fractions Basketball

McGraw HIll Math e-Book

I-Ready login


Reflex Math

Number lines

Coordinate Planes

Office 365 Email Tutorial

Printable Grid Paper

Percent Shopping at Mathplayground

Systems of Equations Basketball

Pre-Alg Percent Inquiry Lab Answers

Millionaire Multiplying Fractions game

Alg Skills Practice 6-3 worksheet

Review Video: Solving 1-Step Equations

One-Step Equations: Integers Worksheet

One-Step Equations: Decimal Worksheet

Solving One-Step Eq. with Mult/Div Worksheet

Solving One-Step World Problems Worksheet

Sudoku Puzzle 1 - Easy

Sudoku Puzzle 2 - Moderate

Sudoku #3 - Harder

Plexer #1


Pre-Algebra 8-2 Reteaching Worksheet May 13&14

Pre-Algebra 8-4 Reteaching Worksheet May 20 & 21

Pre- Algebra 8-4 Practice Worksheet 2 May 26 & 27

Logic Puzzle 1 - Easy

Logic Puzzle 2 - Moderate

Paper Hyacinth Directions Video