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Mrs. Lewis

Welcome to Mrs. Lewis' Page 

Contact Information
Phone: 217-627-2419
Email: SLewis2@northmacschools.org

Mrs. Lewis' Schedule


8:05-8:10  Agenda Assignment Writing - SRS room

8:10-8:50 SRA direct instruction - SRS room

8:50-9:25  Push in to LEAD 21- Mrs. Hainsfurther room

9:30-10:30  Direct Instruction Math - SRS room

10:30-  10:50 Direct Instruction SRA - SRS room

10:50-11:25 LEAD 21 Direct Instruction-SRS room

11:30-12:15 Lunch/Prep

12:15-1:15 Push in to LEAD 21 - Mrs. Hainsfurther room

1:15-1:45  Study Hall  -  SRS room

1:45-2:05  SRA direct instruction / Study Hall- SRS room

2:05-2:15  Prep

2:15-3:00  Study Hall SRS room




Mrs. Lewis Classroom Expectations

Be Safe

Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

Be Respectful

Use kind words.

Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Follow directions the first time given.

Be Responsible

Complete your work.

Always give your best effort! 


In our classroom we will use a clip chart to monitor behavior.  This chart is a great tool that allows students to be rewarded for positive behavior, while discouraging negative behavior. Each child will have a clip with their number on it.  They will begin the day clipped to the green “Ready to Learn” card. Clips can be moved up or down throughout the day based on behavior.  Students who follow the rules will keep his/her card on the green, or possibly move up to “Good Choices”, or “Great Job” cards. If the student is having an outstanding day, they may even move up to the “Super Student” level. If they end the day on this level, they will get a special note home and they may add a stick-on jewel to their clip. If 5 stick-on jewels are added to the clip, it gets “retired” to the Hall of Fame card, and a new clip is issued to the student. If they end the day in my room on green or above, they will put up a sticker. After 5 stickers, they earn a trip to the treasure box. A student who does not follow the rules will move his/her clip down a card. Just under the green “Ready to Learn” is a yellow “Think about It” level which is a warning and  reminds the student to reflect and change his/her behavior.  If poor behavior continues, the clip may be moved to the orange “Teacher’s Choice” level. The teacher will decide what action to take, possibly loss of recess. The final level is the red “Parent Contact” card. Red card consequences include loss of a privilege, restitution/apology of the student, change of seating arrangement, time out from activity or privilege, teacher/student conference, parent/teacher conference, behavior contract, referral to dean of students, or school counselor.

Students who show positive behavior will be rewarded and encouraged for their behavior.  Positive rewards include verbal praise, special privileges, Panther Pride Tickets, trips to the treasure box and snacks.




About Mrs. Lewis

This year is the 10th year that I have been teaching in a resource room in the Virden or North Mac District. In the past I have taught K-2, 3rd, and this year I am moving on up with the students to 4th grade. Lori Reardon will be the paraprofessional working out of my room with the fourth grade. Mrs. Readon has worked in Girard Elementary and North Mac Intermediate for a number of years, and she is excellent in working with the students. Mrs. Reardon and I will be pushing-in to the regular education room to teach and support LEAD 21 reading, and then some students will be pulled in to my room for additional interventions such as SRA Corrective Reading and math instruction. We will be supporting math, science and social studies in the classroom and in daily study halls. If you ever have any questions regarding your student and their educational plan, be sure to email or call me. You will most likely be able to reach me after 3:00 at the school. 

On a personal note, I am married and the mother of 3 girls and 1 boy. Our oldest is married , and our youngest is a sophomore in college this year. We live in Chatham, and I enjoy gardening, traveling with my husband to visit our children, tent camping, reading a good book, and taking care of our 2 dogs and a cat.