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School Closure Information


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Information For The School Closure

Pacing Calendar Week 1

Pacing Calendar Week 2

Pacing Calendar Week 3 

Pacing Calendar Week 4 (Internet and No internet Options)

Pacing Calendar Week 4 (No internet options)

Pacing Calendar Week 5 (Internet and No Internet Options)

Pacing Calendar Week 5 (No Internet Options)

Pacing Calendar Week 6 (Internet and No InternetOptions)

Pacing Calendar Week 6 (No Internet Options)

Pacing Calendar Week 7 (Internet and No Internet Options)

Pacing Calendar Week 7 (No Internet Options)

Pacing Calendar Week 8 (Internet and No Internet Options)

Pacing Calendar Week 8 (No Internet Options)

Pacing Calendar Week 9 (Internet and No Internet Options)

Pacing Calendar Week 9 (No Internet Options)

Pacing Calendar Week 10 (Internet and No Internet Options)

Pacing Calendar Week 10 (No Internet Options)

Pacing Calendar Week 11

Closure Letter From Miss Wernsing

Prodigy Login Page- Math Skill Practice

Reflex Math Fact Practice- (Login Teacher Username: kwernsing , Find their name, Password is what they use to log into the computer at school)

Wonder Book Study-

Go to www.edmodo.com

Enter this class code: 9ynjkr

*I also encourage reading as much as possible, and practicing math facts. You can use Reflex, XtraMath, or even flash cards. This is a perfect chance for all of the students to master their multiplication and division facts!! :) 

*I will be adding more links/resources as we go on through the school closure, please do not hesitate to reach out for support or more resources!!

Daily Posts from Bloomz


I wanted to share a couple links I found regarding the penguins at Shedd’s Aquarium. Since the closure of the aquarium, they have allowed the penguins to have a “field trip” to explore and visit friends. Beyond adorable!! I thought this would be something cute and fun to watch as a family. Now I can’t stop watching penguin videos!!! πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ (Shout out to Miss Klaus for telling me about this today.) 








I hope these links work! If not, you can find it by googling Shedd’s Aquarium! 😊


Mystery Science-


I have done two science mysteries with students in the classroom recently and they have enjoyed doing them. I have linked the website for you all here. If you can, please go online and check one out. These are FREE lessons that you can do at home with your child. If you do one, please send me a picture so I can see what you are working on! 




Virtual Field Trips-


I thought it would be fun to share an awesome link to Virtual Field Trips, where you can explore the outside world, while quarantined at home. This website provides links to virtual field trips of various places, such as, zoos, museums, pyramids, and even Mars! I would love to hear some input/experiences if you take any of the virtual field trips! I personally loved watching the pandas at the zoo, and locating stars/constellations in the Planetarium. No permission slips needed. ;) Enjoy!! 




Quarantine Kindness-


We almost have one week of quarantine under our belts! If you are looking for writing practice, a reason to do some arts/crafts, or just want to brighten someone’s day.. I am going to send a list of local nursing homes. Residents are not allowed visitors at the moment, and I think it would mean the world to get something in the mail to let them know that there are people who love and care about them. Should you wish, your kiddos could send letters, notes, paintings, pictures, etc.! If you know someone at one of these centers, you could personalize the address, or you can put ATTN:RESIDENT or ATTN:ACTIVITY DEPARTMENT in the address. Thank you in advance for your kindness. :)



Auburn Rehabilitation & Health Care Center

304 W. Maple Ave.

Auburn, IL 62615


Sunrise Skilled Nursing & Rehab Center

333 S. Wrightsman St.

Virden, IL 62690


Pleasant Hill Village

1016 W. North St. 

Girard, IL 62640


Heritage Health

1200 University St. 

Carlinville, IL 62626


Zoom Meeting 

Guess what?

Tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m., our class will meet on Zoom! Mrs. Allen and I will be hosting the meeting and we can't wait to see you all! 

To find your Zoom invitation, you will need to log in to your Office 365 account. 

Go to the Office 365 tab on our webpage. Enter your email and password.

Email: firstname.lastname@nmpanthers.org
Login: This will be your birth month and date and your initials. 

Then click on the Outlook app in 365. There should be an invitation from Mrs. Allen. Check to make sure you have the invite. Let me know if you do not. 

When it is time for our meeting, click on the link in the email. It will open the Zoom conversation. 


Interactive Tour

This website has one of the best interactive tours!

Between 1892-1954, 12 million immigrants passed through Ellis Island. At one point, I even found a relative on a ship's manifest by looking on the Ellis Island website.

Check these websites out and let me know what you think!

Interactive Tour

Ellis Island


Remote learning check-in!

I hope the first week of remote learning is going well!! I thought I would share an easy way to keep track of what your child is doing daily. In the pacing guides I provided online (or put in bags, in some cases) there are daily learning options. Next to the options, there are boxes you can check if your child completed that choice. You may also write in your own if it is something I haven’t included for that day (reading AR, practicing flash cards, etc.). You can print the pacing guide from my website, or you can download and alter it through Microsoft Word! Then when I check in weekly, you could just send me a picture of the pacing guide, or email it back to me!

As always, don’t hesitate if you have any questions/concerns. This is our first true week of remote learning, and I know we are all getting adjusted to this new way of doing things. I will check in with everyone tomorrow, through your preferred method of communication, to see how this week went with remote learning. We will all get through this together! 😊


Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum

The St. Louis Cardinals are doing an awesome thing right now! Kids can get online, download their educational worksheets to do, and then use one of those papers to get them into the Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum when it reopens! A child's ticket will be free with the purchase of an adult ticket! Awesome opportunity! ⚾️❀⚾️❀

Here is the link!




Book Study-

Hello everyone! 

Miss Klaus and I have had a lot of discussions, and decided we would love to do a book study/discussion with all of you during this time! Miss Klaus and I will "co-teach" the book study, and therefore plan to combine our classes for this project. We have decided to do the book Wonder ! I began reading this as a read-aloud, yet didn't get very far, so we would love to give the kids an opportunity to finish it. Wonder is an amazing story, with an even better message! Miss Klaus and I will be using Edmodo to discuss the book. We will also download the links to listen to the read-aloud through YouTube, onto Edmodo. Our plan is to start the book study on Monday of next week, and discuss daily until we finish the book!  You do not need a copy of the actual book, as you can just listen to the read-aloud online. If you would like a copy of the book, the book can be downloaded through Nooks/Kindles, or ordered online. Through Edmodo, we can do discussions, activities, etc. I have also created Quizlet sets that go along with the vocabulary in Wonder. The students love playing Quizlet, and it is a great way to practice vocab words/skills. The book study is not required, but we would absolutely LOVE any and all who would like to join. Miss Klaus and I are so excited!! To join us:

Go to www.edmodo.com

Enter this class code: 9ynjkr


Novel Introduction- 



Open the PDF and read each slide very carefully. Think about your answers to these questions and be honest with yourself. Watch the video and listen to the song. After you finish, write a post telling us 3 things you learned about the novel and author

Edmodo Schedule - These assignments will be available on the day they are assigned.

 Monday, March 30th- Novel Introduction 

Tuesday, March 31st- Wonder Segment 1 & Intro to Quizlet Word List 1

Wednesday, April 1st- Journal Prompt #1 or #2, Practice Words on Quizlet

Thursday April 2nd- Wonder Segment 2 

Friday, April 3rd- Wonder Segment 3

Monday, April 6th - Journal Prompt #3

Tuesday, April 7th - Wonder Segment 4 & Bonus Quizlet

Wednesday, April 8th - Journal Prompt #4

Thursday, April 9th - Wonder Segment 5 & Quizlet

Friday, April 10th - SPRING BREAK

Monday, April 13th- Bonus- Wonder Quizlet Set 1 Test; Journal Prompt #5

Tuesday, April 14th- Wonder Segment 6- pgs. 119-132

Wednesday, April 15th- Journal Prompt #6

Thursday, April 16th- Quizlet Set #2 Practice; Wonder Project (5 adjectives or 5 items that describe a character for the story, with explanations)

Friday, April 17th- Work on Wonder Project

Monday, April 20th- Journal Prompt #9

Tuesday, April 21st- Wonder Segment 7- pgs. 133-145

Wednesday, April 22nd- Journal Prompt #10

Thursday, April 23rd- Wonder Segment 8- pgs. 146-159

Friday, April 24th- Act of Kindness

Monday, April 27th- Journal Prompt #11; Quizlet Wonder List #3 Practice

Tuesday, April 21st- Wonder Segment 9- pgs. 160-173

Wednesday, April 22nd- Journal Prompt #12; Wonder List #3 Bonus Test

Thursday, April 23rd- Wonder Segment 10- pgs. 174-185

Friday, April 24th- Journal Prompy #13

Monday, May 4th- Wonder Segment 11- pgs. 186-204; Quizlet Wonder Set #4

Tuesday, May 5th- Journal Prompt #14

Wednesday, May 6th- Wonder Segment 12- read pgs. 205-219

Thursday, May 7th- Journal Prompt #15

Friday, May 8th- Wonder Segment 13- read pgs. 220-234; Practice Quizlet Wonder Set #4

Monday, May 11th- Journal Prompt #16

Tuesday, May 12th- Wonder Segment 14- read pgs. 235-248

Wednesday, May 13th- Journal Prompt #17

Thursday, May 14th- Wonder Segment 15- read pgs. 249-258

Friday, May 15th- Journal Prompt #18

Monday, May 18th- Wonder Segment 16- pgs. 259-270

Tuesday, May 19th- Journal Prompt #19

Wednesday, May 20th- Wonder Segment 17- read pgs. 271-281

Thursday, May 21st- Journal Prompt #20

Friday, May 22nd- Wonder Segment 18- read pgs. 282-297

Tuesday, May 26th- Journal Prompt #21

Wednesday, May 27th- Wonder Segment 19- read pgs. 298-313

Thursday, May 28th- Journal Prompt #22

Friday, May 29th- Wrap-Up Activity!

As always, please email me if you have any questions.