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Mr. Etter Classroom Expectations and Weekly Lesson Plans

Mr. Etter:  Intermediate Physical Education Teacher Grades 3-5

Contact Information:  School Phone Number- 217-625-2419

                                         Email Address- better@northmacschools.org


North Mac Grades 3-5 Physical Education Rules and Expectations

Objective:  The objective of PE is to achieve health and fitness through exercise and play.   Physical fitness, rules, game strategy, cooperation and sportsmanship are stressed.

Grading: Grades will consist of a 3 point daily grade.  Points will be subtracted if a student fails to participate, wear tennis shoes, and cooperate. 

Injury or Illness: A student is allowed three parent notes per semester to be excused from PE.  Any illness or injury lasting longer must be excused by a doctor along with a note stating restrictions and length of excuse.

Tennis Shoes:  Students must wear tennis shoes everyday to PE class.  If a student does not wear tennis shoes that particular student will not be allowed to participate in class. The student will also receive zero points for that day in PE. Safety is the reasoning behind making sure all students are wearing tennis shoes.

Gum or Candy:  Students are not allowed to eat candy or chew gum in class.

Restroom Passes:  Students may use the restroom in emergency situations during class.  Please use the restroom before class starts.  NO ROAMING THE HALLWAYS.

Classroom Misconduct:  First misconduct in class, the student will receive a verbal warning.  If the inappropriate behavior continues, the student will receive a detention.  If the misconduct continues or gross misbehavior occurs, the student will be referred to the principal and the school discipline policy will be enforced.

 North Mac Intermediate Physical Educat​​​ion

March 17th- June 1st 


During our extended break it is important that we remain physically active. We need to spend some time away from our devices (computers, video games, tv, phones, etc.) that prevent us from being physically active.  Below are some physical activities we do in class, that you can do at home on a regular basis.


-10 Jumping Jacks                                                     

-Stretch to the Right and left for a count of 10

-Toe Touches for a count of 10

-Arm Circles for a count of 10

Fitness Activities

Pushups/Sit-ups- You may do daily for counts of 10 or more.

Burpees- You may do daily for counts of 10 or more. (*Be careful doing them inside your home)

Planks-Hold the plank position for various number counts or time lengths

Other Fitness Activities

Jogging, walking, jumping rope, bike riding

* Play a variety of physically active games outside weather permitting. Always make sure the area is safe to play in. 

* Help out around your home with  inside and outside  chores. 

Stay safe and try to be physically active over this extended break.


Thank you,

Bob Etter

North Mac Intermediate Physical Education Teacher